​There are many things in life I don’t understand.

Not because I don’t what to, but because I cannot transfer myself in another mindset.

For instance, the believe in God or why people can take extraordinary bonuses, while being just a manager.


So, I started this blog. Primarily to be able to vent my amazement, to structure random-related thoughts.

Maybe the questions are, to me, more important than the answers.

What do you think?

Questions, questions...

Cycle racing


I live in a forest rich part of the country. Trees and heather are attractive to a lot of people with a variety of related hobbies. Green environments change people. They can give peace of mind and tranquillity. Nature has the ability to change ones mindset.

So they say.


My experience with some groups is sometimes different. Especially with people (men and women) on race cycles. They arrive on parking lots, bikes on top or fastened on the trunk with high tech carriers. So, most of them don’t live in the area (why else would you come by car?).

They unload their wheels, either jump in their specialised outfit with fitting shoes or rip of their outwear like Superman on a sudden mission to expose shirts with names of their sponsors or the sponsors of their cycle Hero.


Then Nature kicks in, somehow. Whereas a driver many of them behave properly in traffic. But when their transformation is complete and feet touch the pedals... they are the Centre of the Universe. Fuck the rules! I’m here to cycle! I specially came to this place, so now it’s MINE! I earn it.


Sunday, when all is seemingly quiet, they are the worst. I avoid driving on Sunday mornings, as I have almost killed one or more, let’s say, highly concentrated cyclistst crossing my asphalt path or even cycling on it (because the special cycles path is way beneath their stature).


CSPE: Why do people behave in a totally different way when exercising their hobby? It’s not only cyclists!

The existence of god(s)

The human need (my need) for comfort, consolation, forgiveness and other emotion-related wants is evident. But why would greater Mights be necessary to guide us? The same counts for the creation of the universe.

Of course, it’s a miracle, but why do people want to assign it to one or more "Thoughtful Mights"?

Alas English has its limitations. If I use the word force or providence it can be explained in many ways.

Where I ‘believe’ in is the existence of an a-moral, not intelligent, (scientific) physical Power. Not a Might that designs, has a purpose or directional influence: a Thoughtful Might.


For me believing in a Power-that-just-is-there instead of a Thoughtful Might doesn’t mean my amazement about my existence or the need for a set of agreements how we want to live together is not genuine.

CSPE: Why would it be necessary for me to believe in one or more Mighty Gods?